RIP Megaupload

The huge file sharing website Megaupload was shutdown and the owners indicted. More than 39 million dollars in assets were either frozen or confiscated. PIPA/SOPA is having a big impact on our society and the government is cracking down on “illegal downloading” and copyright infringements. We need to stand up for our first amendment rights on the internet. Our world today revolves around technology and the quick transfer of information, largely over the internet. The comment button is right down there, go ahead and tell us what you think.

Stop SOPA... Or the internet as we know it will cease to exist...


Wikipedia BLACKOUT!

Today, Wikipedia announced that they will go on a 24hr. blackout. This means the site will not be available at all! This is in protest of the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act). If these bills are enacted through the US legislation, the freedom and uses of the internet will be drastically cut down and limited. Wondering what SOPA or PIPA is in even more detail? Click away at this link right here! It’s informative, but much more formal than some silly old blog. Other social media sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc..) are also rumored to possibly have a blackout, but not necessarily today.  What do you think? Is it worth it, why or why not? Go ahead and comment… we know you want to.

Marijuana, not as bad as we thought!

It seems a bit funny that I’m posting this the day after I posted about the Snoop and his weed related issues. After a 20+ year study, Dr. Mark Pletcher (UC San Francisco) and colleagues published a study in the “Journal of the American Medical Association’s” Jan. 10, 2012 issue. In a nutshell, they had people smoke weed, cigarettes, and both over a 20 year period! Surprisingly, the people who smoked “Dat Kush” did not suffer the expected lung problems. What does this mean to you? Marijuana might become legalized even quicker. The only problems? Legalization, specifically the taxing of weed.

For more info on this topic go here, which is where I found out about this. And what do you think about legalizing marijuana? Ready, set, comment!

You know you wanna...

Snoop Dogg Arrested!

One of the rapping greats, Snoop Dogg (aka: Calvin Broadus) was arrested near the US/Mexico border yesterday for possession of drugs. What deadly drug was Snoop smuggling? Just some cannabis, or more commonly know as weed. Not that big a deal to most of us, but border control took it seriously. Acoording to a local County Judge, Becky Dean Walker, the typical fine for this is approximately $500. It’s no surprise to have Snoop Dogg associated with marijuana, he references it in most of his songs. Apparently, the cops could smell the weed in Snoop’s tour bus without even searching it… Someone was high as hell!


Did they expect him to not have weed?


This one has been popping up in a lot of my friends iPods. Temple Run is a highly addictive game, it takes about 5-10 minutes to understand, but a while to really get good at. Well what are you waiting for? Carpal Tunnel syndrome awaits you!

Click above, or here for the link!