Marijuana, not as bad as we thought!

It seems a bit funny that I’m posting this the day after I posted about the Snoop and his weed related issues. After a 20+ year study, Dr. Mark Pletcher (UC San Francisco) and colleagues published a study in the “Journal of the American Medical Association’s” Jan. 10, 2012 issue. In a nutshell, they had people smoke weed, cigarettes, and both over a 20 year period! Surprisingly, the people who smoked “Dat Kush” did not suffer the expected lung problems. What does this mean to you? Marijuana might become legalized even quicker. The only problems? Legalization, specifically the taxing of weed.

For more info on this topic go here, which is where I found out about this. And what do you think about legalizing marijuana? Ready, set, comment!

You know you wanna...


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